Sets for plays

Daren Performing Arts Center

Williams School, New London, CT

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Most photographs were shot during dress rehearsals without flash, so some are a little blurred


Fall play, 2008

"Welcome to Nocturno" sign was cut-out letters hung from circular frame. Frame, moon & Christmas light stars all hung from lighting grid. Frame suspended by wires, with improvised nylon cord fly system to raise sign when not needed.

Cardboard cut-outs of still life scene hung from grid against black drape, illuminated when Iris had flashbacks to her old life.
Rainmaker scene. Play was staged in the round on a 16' sq. stage approx. 3' high with corner ramps.

Spring musical, 2007

Four 4x8' stage platforms bolted end to end on 4x4" braced legs form the raised deck which extended into the wings. Accessed by the stairs or ramps in the wings.

Interior scenes used freestanding practical stateroom doors and furniture. This flash photo doesn't show that the upper deck wasn't lit during interior scenes. Table originally built to be danced on in 'Les Mis'.
One porthole was practical, with a gray cover and a platform behind so the actor could appear to be hanging from the upper deck.

Spring musical, 2008

Background painted on two 8' sq. panels that each rotated on a central pivot. When required, the Indian 'exotics' in the ghost light turned the panels in coordination with backstage techies who shifted the black curtain out of the way.

The opposite sides of the panels were covered by muslin hangings representing the dead garden, in this scene enhanced with dead tree gobos.
The muslin hangings were removed before the panels were turned to the garden side for the final scene, showing the restored garden. Gap between panels was corrected before opening night.

Spring musical, 2009

Reused set components from "Anything Goes", center door is practical, stairway was moved. We gave the basic design to an art class. Each member of the class created a model as a class project. The chosen artist got to paint the full-sized scene.

Again, for interior scenes the upper 'street' wasn't lit, curtains were hung over the bistro wall, and beads hung in the door. The bare light bulb was raised when not in use.
The Police station.

Fall play, 2007

Except for freestanding doorframes, set exclusively furnishings; paintings were hung from lighting grid, just forward of back curtain. Lighting separated school (left) from house (right), colors indicated time of day. Lamps were practical.

Night scene in house, 'hall light' projected through doorway SL, window gobo.

Spring musical, 2006

Main components of set are scaffolding units with triangular 'roof peaks'. Peaks don't show well in this photo, but were 2' deep and shingled.

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